Counselling is talking based therapy. What is talked about in any session is treated confidentially. There are many approaches and styles to counselling. Mine partly comes from my training in the Humanistic Integrative approach. Humanistic means that I essentially believe the client has all the resources necessary to know what is best for them and my role is to help them realise this for themself and facilitate them acting upon it. Integrative means that I use a blend of techniques and interventions from various Humanistic approaches to do this. I might also offer and suggest the use of other therapeutic and creative approaches that are more directive, when I believe this to be appropriate and if I think it will enhance the effectiveness of the counselling process, but this would need to be agreed between us. Underpinning all is my belief in the Person Centred notion that the quality of the trusting relationship between me and the client, in and of itself, is the catalyst for the healing process. Within this I strive to demonstrate genuineness, warmth and empathy.